WooCommerce synchronization

We retrieve as much data as possible from WooCommerce as quickly as possible and we write a number of properties and settings back.

Here you can read how the data is processed.

Product data

Changes to products are communicated to us within minutes from WooCommerce (through webhooks).

We process them immediately and check the data again every night.


The following data is taken from the product information from WooCommerce:

Woocommerce Optiply
name name
sku SKU
ID product code
price sales price
stock quantity physical inventory


Products are not included in Optiply with one or more of the following statuses in WooCommerce:

virtual = true
downloadable = true
manage_stock = false

Remove products 

Do you want to remove a product? First give it the status "enable = false" in WooCommerce. The product will disappear from Optiply. After that you can remove the product from WooCommerce. 

Supplier information 

By default it is not possible to keep track of supplier information in WooCommerce. This is therefore not available via the API and we cannot read it. You keep supplier data in Optiply. 

Booking in Purchase Orders

Because WooCommerce has no purchase order, you have orders on receipt journal entry in Optiply. Inventories are not automatically adjusted in Woocommerce after booking. If you do want this, please let us know via support@optiply.nl. We adjust this for you, after which the stock is easily updated without adjusting this per product in WooCommerce.  

Sales orders

As with products, the placed sales orders are also passed on to us within a few minutes (through webhooks).

Woocommerce Optiply


date of placement


value of the order

Sales order lines

Please note, we can write a maximum of 100 sales order lines per 5 minutes to WooCommerce. It may take a while before all your orders are in your system.