WooCommerce integration

Optiply has a standard coupling with WooCommerce. We use the default WooCommerce REST API.

 First, please make sure you have set up WooCommerce API correctly.

1. API Information

Provide us with the the following information:

2. WPML Plugin

We support multilingual shops if the plugin used is WPML.

If you use this, please contact us and let us know what the default language is.

3. Purchase orders

We would also like to know if you use the option to receive purchase orders in Optiply and thus update stocks in WooCommerce.

4. Suppliers

We cannot extract supplier data from WooCommerce.

Give us a list of suppliers and we'll be glad to put this in the system for you.

5. Product Suppliers Information

We then need to know which purchasing products are linked to which suppliers.

You can enter this via the frontend, via the API, or you can send us a list.

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