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What is illustrated in the monthly report?

Optiply's monthly report gives you an overview of your results from the past month. You can see how you score on performance, stock surplus and average volume.


The performance shows how your service level has changed compared to the previous month, and compared to the same month last year. It also shows the 5 A products that have the lowest service level. Optiply helps you to increase this percentage. It is therefore important to continue to follow the order calendar in order to increase your performance. 

In addition, the number of orders placed on time is displayed. These are the orders placed on the day that the calendar indicates that they should be placed. This percentage can therefore be increased by continuing to follow the order calendar. 

Stock surplus

This shows the percentage of inventory that is too much, and what this represents in terms of value. Too much stock costs money. Money that cannot be invested in the growth of your business. This report gives you the 5 products with the largest surplus. 

The inventory surplus can be reduced by purchasing more efficiently. This will prevent products from sitting on the shelf for too long, and will overstate costs. Following Optiply's advice will help you with this. 

Average volume 

Gives an insight into your quantity of SKUs and your sales. This gives a good picture of developments of your business.