You can use the Optiply dashboard to look at the results of Optiply on a tactical level. The article below explains how the Optiply dashboard works and what you should pay attention to.


The graph shows the service level per category over the past few months. When the line of the graph suddenly starts to drop, it often means that something is not going right with the delivery reliability. For more information, see the article 'deviating service levels'.

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Stock details

  • Stock value; this shows your total current stock value
  • Turnover time; average time that one euro of stock is in the warehouse.General service level; average service level of the three categories
  • Trend; trend in sales of the entire product range. This is the growth compared to last year
  • Seasonal factor; seasonal factor of the sales of the entire assortment
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In the chart shown below you can see what happens per category.

  • You can see what the current service level is compared to the desired service level. You want your current service level to be as close as possible to your service level target. 
  • In addition, you can see your stock value and the percentage by which it has decreased or increased compared to the previous month. You would rather see your stock value in the A category rise than fall and the stock value in the B and C categories fall, but only if your service level remains good as a result. 
  • Finally, the turnover rate per category is visible. Here you want to have as many days as your cycle (order period + delivery time) long is. This means that there is a buffer stock.
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