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This is what Optiply is going to help you with!

After starting with Optiply, your shop will experience several benefits, from more turnover with less stock to time savings.

With Optiply you can make more turnover with less stock with your company. Together we work on increasing product availability for you, reducing inventory costs and purchasing more efficiently. We achieve this by optimising the stock on the basis of data-driven purchasing.

This is what you can expect from Optiply

  • Integrations - Connect Optiply directly to your own software. Whether this is a webshop platform, online warehouse software or an ERP. In most cases you will be online in a few minutes.
  • Forecasting - Optiply uses 40+ forecasting methods and automatically selects the best method for each individual product.
  • Trends Seasons - Optiply analyses for each product whether there are any trends or seasonal effects and automatically includes these in the purchasing advice. So no manual work.
  • Exceptional filtering - Exceptions such as one-time large orders or daily offers are filtered fully automatically so you don't have to purchase them by default.
  • Purchase agenda - The purchase agenda includes scheduled purchase orders, back orders and emergency orders ( threatening stock-outs). So you'll never miss out on your products again and increase your sales!
  • Automated purchasing advice - By analysing sales and suppliers on a daily basis, we can determine exactly how large the buffer per product should be. This way you don't keep unnecessary stock and you improve your cash flow.
  • Dashboard - Most webshops have no insight into how many sales they are missing out on. Optiply gives you immediate insight into this and shows you where you can improve.
  • Product details - Gain insight into the forecast and availability per product. But also use stock time (stock in days) to determine which products are suitable for promotions.
  • API access - Via the API you can easily link suppliers or develop your own tools. In this way, Optiply can be adapted to any situation. Knowing more? Request the API documentation via support@optiply.com.