The suppliers page

To get a detailed insight into how you can customize different suppliers we have the 'Suppliers' Page at Optiply. This page can be found within Optiply on the left side of the Menu.


At the top you can see the columns with names. Here you see the Supplier name, Minimum order value, Fixed order costs, Delivery time, etc. It is important that you fill in these data correctly so that Optiply can give the best purchasing advice. Optiply is there to help you so make use of it!


To have the first purchase advice calculated, the 'Manual order period' and 'Delivery time' must be filled in. You can enter this by clicking on the supplier. 
  • The order period is the interval that you want to see a purchase advice ready. For example, if you enter 7 days here, a purchase advice will be available once a week for this supplier. 
  • The delivery time (in days) is the time of ordering, until the delivery has been received and is in the warehouse.

You also see the measured delivery time, delivery time deviation and order period. Optiply calculates these numbers for you based on the available data. 

 Adjustments per supplier 

When you click on the supplier, you can adjust the settings below: 

Ignore - This means that no more orders will be placed with the selected supplier and the products of the supplier will not be included in the stock value. The suppliers will also appear in gray at the bottom of the page. 

Ordering in lots - As a result, an excel/csv/pdf with the quantities in packages will be placed in the purchase order. Ordering in packages takes over the data from ordering per field. 


If 24 pieces are ordered and an order per of 12 has been entered, then 2 pieces will appear on the purchase order.

Exclude purchase prices - You can choose to export your purchase orders without purchase prices 
E-mail - Here you can write down the e-mail addresses of the supplier 
Backorders - Here you indicate whether you allow Optiply to prepare a backorder for you to order. 
Out of stock - If Optiply sees that a product is about to run out of stock, it is possible to automatically prepare an extra order. 
We adjust the agenda (only with back orders and/or no sales): Here you can fill in the columns based on how much value the order must have before the order is prepared.


Reschedule Agenda

There is a possibility to reschedule the agenda. You can use this option when you want to receive advice earlier or later than the planned order. In addition, you can use this option if you want to retrieve deleted draft orders (then reschedule the agenda for today or later). 
When the calendar is rescheduled, the calendar will be rescheduled from the date you set. 

Example: I have set my manual order period to 7 days and I have rescheduled the calendar from tomorrow (Tuesday). In the future, I will receive an order advice every Tuesday. 

Pay attention! This may differ when back orders and no sales are enabled.

Adding suppliers 

suppliers You can also add suppliers in the suppliers page, you do this by clicking on "add supplier" in the top right corner. For this you only need the name and email (if you want to email your suppliers through us) of the supplier. After this you can link Products to the supplier in the product page. 

Pay attention! If your source system has suppliers, we can simply read this from there, so you don't have to add this in Optiply.

Add suppliers

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