Stock value

The stock value is the free stock times the current purchase price. Only products with active suppliers are included in the purchase price.

In the dashboard, Optiply shows the value of the stock that is managed through the Optiply. The stock value in the dashboard is equal to the number of products in free stock multiplied by their current purchase price. Calculations are done nightly and are based on the past 30 days.

The system only includes products from suppliers whose details have been filled in, and are not ignored. This is because, it shows the current stock value managed in Optiply. 

The stock value formula is:

stock value = available stock* x current purchase price**

* ) For active suppliers

**) Current purchase price excluding VAT


Caution: The stock value in Optiply is almost never the same as the stock value in other systems. Each system calculates the stock value in its own way.