Stock value

The stock value is the purchase-related inventory value, calculated by Optiply. This article describes how we calculate it.

In the dashboard, Optiply shows the value of the inventory that is managed through Optiply. This value is equal to the number of products in free stock multiplied by their current purchase price. This number is reevaluated nightly.

The system only includes products connected to suppliers where Optiply actively purchases goods. These are suppliers for which the lead time and reorder period have been filled in, and are not ignored. We only take products with a positive stock value into account. We do this so we can show the inventory value of the part of the inventory that is optimized by us.

The stock value formula is:

stock value = sum(free stock x  current purchase price)


- Free stock: the stock is the positive stock value for products connected to an active supplier. 

- current purchase price: Current purchase price excluding VAT at the active supplier. 


The stock value in Optiply is almost never equal/similar to the stock value in other systems. Each system has its own method of calculating the stock value.