Shopify synchronisation

This article explains how you can synchronise Shopify with Optiply. Read all about product information, composite products, purchase orders, and sell orders.

Product information

From Shopify, information and updates about products are forwarded to Optiply as soon as possible, this often happens in real-time. If this does not happen, the information will be updated every night.

The product information that is forwarded to Optiply from Shopify is shown below in an overview. This information is only taken over for "active" products (the information for products with the status "inactive" are not taken over).

Optiply Shopify
name Title + variant name
skuCode Variant sku
articleCode Variant product_id
price Variant price
stockLevel Variant - inventory_quantity

'Order by' and 'MOQ'

These values are not available in Shopify.

You can enter them manually in Optiply, or send us a list and we will enter them for you.

Delete products

Do you want to remove a product from Optiply? First, give the product an "inactive" status in Shopify. Optiply is then automatically updated, the product is no longer visible in your account. For more overview, you can also remove the product from Shopify.

Composite products
Shopify has no composite products. Do you want to insert a composite product? Then it is possible to pass on the composition of combinations to us via a CSV file. We will then ensure that the sales history of the composite product within Optiply is transferred to the underlying products.

Purchase orders

Unfortunately, Shopify does not work with purchase orders and suppliers.

Therefore you have to manage orders that you placed via Optiply yourself. When you receive an order from a supplier, you must close it within Optiply. It is also possible to receive orders in parts so that you can process them clearly.

Registering purchase orders

Within Optiply, it is possible to forward received products to Shopify. Optiply then increases the stock in Shopify with the number of products that are received. This feature is off by default, contact us to activate the feature.

Please note that you always have to register orders within Optiply to keep the stock position (products that are on the way) in order. An incorrect stock position can lead to incomplete purchasing advice.

Sell orders

Information about sell orders will be forwarded to Optiply as soon as possible. This usually happens in real-time. Does real-time synchronisation not occur? Then this will be synchronised every night.

By default we sync Sell Orders Closed, and Deletions.
If you want to get all Sell Orders Status, we can get Created as well, just let us know you need this info.
We don’t sync Order Updates, nor line deletions or line changes to synced Orders.