Settings page

The settings page contains the following settings: delivery reliability per category, stock costs, dynamic calendar and the e-mail settings.

Directly to a specific setting:

Delivery reliability per category

Here you can adjust the gross margin and delivery reliability per category. These settings are a strategic choice and determine your purchasing strategy.

Need help choosing the right delivery reliability? Please contact your Customer Success manager or send a email to

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Inventory costs

The stock costs differ per company and represent the interest percentage that you calculate on the stock value. For example, take into account the interest, the rent of the space and the risk. If you don't know this, we recommend 20%. 

Not sure what your company's inventory costs are? Then we recommend keeping 20% ​​of the stock value.

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Dynamic calendar

With the dynamic calendar you can indicate whether you want to place 'Backorders' and / or whether you allow 'No sales'. This will then generally be set. You could also set this up per supplier at the 'suppliers' page

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Email settings

In the email settings you set the default template that will be sent to each supplier when placing an order. This functionality is off by default. Do you want to use this functionality? Check your email settings, if it is not activated send an email to

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