Service levels

The service level is an indicator of the delivery reliability of products.

What does it represent?

The service level indicates the delivery reliability of a product or supplier. In other words, what percentage of the products were or will be delivered from stock? The higher the service level, the more products could delivered from stock.

Service level per product

On the 'Product details' page in Optiply you will find the service level per product. This indicates for each individual product how many days it was in stock, in the last 30 days.

service level (product) = number of days in stock in past 30 days / 30

Service level by category

On the 'General Settings' and 'Dashboard' page in Optiply you can set the desired service level per category. Optiply divides products into an A/B/C category. More information about product categorisation can be found here.

The service level per category is an average of all individual service levels of the products from the corresponding category, weighted by their expected demand.