Sales history

The sales history allows us to make a forecast and provide purchasing advice. Sales history can be supplied to us as bulk in a CSV file.

Sales history can be added to our system in several ways. The standard integration and the API are preferred. Before forwarding your sales history, please contact us. We will check if the information is not already in our system. 

The information must be provided in a fixed format.  The file must be a CSV file, separated by commas. Send the file to and we will process the list for you within 48 hours.

Below is how to pass on your sales history to us:

Sales history

It is possible to deliver sales history. In order to process sales order lines, they must be delivered in the following way:


In this CSV file:
- placed is the date on which the order was placed.

- completed is the date on which the order was shipped.

remote_order_id is the order number and can be retrieved from the source system. It ensures that each order will always be correctly matched when importing multiple files.

- eansubtotalvalue and completed need to be in the heading but the values in the columns are optional (can be empty).


  • The order line price (subtotalvalue) must be given in a maximum of two decimals and separated by a dot. 
  • When both ean and sku are filled in, ean is used as identification. We recommend to fill in only the sku-code where possible.
  • The CSV file must be comma separated.