4. Product information

To ensure that Optiply can be used properly, the product settings must be correct, such as the product prices and whether the product should be phased out or not.

In order to receive sufficient purchasing advice, it is important that the product information in Optiply is correct. Check the following points: 

  • Product prices
    Are all product prices filled in correctly? Depending on the integration, you can fill in the prices in your own system or in Optiply. In Optiply, prices can be filled in at: 
    Product details → Unfold → Purchase price/ Sell price.
  • Phase out products
    When you use cross-docking or dropshipping for certain products, these products must be marked as 'phased out', so they will not be put in stock. There can be reasons why you don't want to receive purchasing advice for particular products. If this is the case, then these products should also be marked as 'phased out'.

    Read here about how to phase out products. 

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5. Placing a purchasing order