Product page

The product page displays most important information about your products.

Product page

The product details page is designed to clearly display the most important information about products. The page contains the following columns:

product page

  • Category - Which category the product is assigned to
                       For more information: ABC Category
  • Name - The name of the product
  • SKU (= Stock Keeping Unit) - Product Identification
  • Current service level - The percentage that the product has been delivered to the customer
  • Stock time - The estimated time when the stock will be sold out
  • Free Stock - The stock which is currently physically in the warehouse
  • Expected Demand (monthly) - The average demand per month in pieces

Details per specific product

You can expand a product by clicking on it. You will then receive an overview with all the details of the selected product. The data shown here comes from your source system.

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details per specific product

  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 
    You can also set the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) per product 
  • Lot Size
    Set how many pieces you want to place per order (Lot Size)
  • Phase-out products

    You can also see the phase-out button. You can use this button when you no longer want to order an item. See here, for more information.


The product graph shows calculations based on sell order´s placed date which can be molded depending on the changes in "Show data from" and Grouped".