Picqer synchronization

Information and data from Picqer are updated as soon as possible.

Here is how we synchronise Picqer data, and some important notes. Information and data from Picqer are updated as soon as possible. Only changes in supplier names are made once a week (on Sunday morning).

Product Information

All products with the status "active" in Picqer are shown in Optiply. The products with the status "inactive" are not shown and are not included in Optiply.

Also, if the type of a product is "unlimited_stock" or the property assembled is set to true, the product won't show in Optiply.

Composite Products

Optiply synchronises the composite and virtual products from Picqer and uses these to provide ordering advice for the products you purchase.
For more information: Composite products

Order By

The "Order in multiples of" in Picqer is equal to "order per" in Optiply.


The "Minimum order quantity" is equal to the MOQ (minimal order quantity) in Optiply.


Supplier information

We synchronize all Picqer suppliers with our system. When the supplier is removed from Picqer, he also leaves us. When he is on "inactive", he stays in Optiply. It's best to put him on "ignore" in Optiply.


Delete Products

Do you want to delete a product? Give that product the status 'inactive'. The product will then disappear from Optiply. After that, you can delete the product from Picqer.


Purchase orders

If an order has no information on the "idsupplier" we are not able to import it to our system.

A purchase order with one or more products still not received does not get the status “completed“, so in Optiply will remain without being completed.


Writing out purchase orders

By default we write the placed purchase orders from Optiply to Picqer. If you do not want this, please let us know. We will then turn it off for you.