Picqer Fulfilment Synchronisation

Information and updates from Picqer are forwarded to us as quickly as possible, usually in real-time.

Product information

All products with the status "active" in Picqer are shown in Optiply. The products with the status "inactive" are not included in Optiply.

Composite or virtual products

Optiply read the compositions of composite and virtual products from Picqer and uses these to provide ordering advice for the products you purchase.

For more information, see: Composite products

Remove products

Do you want to remove a product? First give it the status "inactive" in Picqer. The product will then disappear from Optiply. You can then remove the product from Picqer.

Supplier information

Picqer Fulfilment does not have suppliers. You keep supplier information in Optiply. Tell us which suppliers you use, we'll add them for you.

Supplier product information

Because Picqer fulfillment has no suppliers, you also keep supplier product information with us. Here's how to do this.

Purchase orders

By default, we write the placed purchase orders from Optiply to Picqer fulfillment. This will take approximately 30 minutes. If you do not want this, please let us know. We keep this in mind. It is best to adjust and receive placed purchase orders in Picqer, we will adopt these changes.


Please note: We cannot take over purchase orders created by Picqer fufillment. This means it is best to create all purchase orders from Optiply.