Picqer Fulfilment integration

To link Optiply to Picqer Fulfillment, a few steps have to be followed.

In order to use Picqer Fulfilment // Optiply link, the following steps must be taken:
  1. Request the API Key, the  Picqer login URL and the Warehouse ID from the fulfilment party.
  2. Register the Picqer // Optiply link here.

PLEASE NOTE: Picqer fulfilment does not have any suppliers, please let us know these.

      3.   Log
    to Optiply and fill in the supplier data. We need these data to start the first                        calculation.
    4.   Please let us know if you want to send emails from Optiply to suppliers, so we can set the          settings accordingly. 

    Finally, it's important that the data in Picqer is up to date.

    Please, make sure that:

    • Products have a supplier.
    • Products have a purchase and sales price.
    • Stock levels are correct.
    • Purchase orders that still need to be delivered are registered. 
    • "Order in multiples of" per product is set correctly.
    • The "Minimum order quantity" per product is set correctly.

    The link is now set up and you can start buying via Optiply. 

    Warehouse ID

    The warehouse ID can be found on the Warehouses page in Picqer Fullfilment at the URL. In this example, the ID is 2820.

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