Phase out

If a product is phased out, Optiply will no longer advise this product to buy until you receive backorders. You can also phase out products temporarily.

When a product is phased out, there will no longer be any new purchase orders prepared for it. A new purchase order will only come up with a negative stock level, where Optiply will replenish the product to 0.

Why would you phase out a product?

You can phase out products for several reasons:

  • You want to remove the product from your assortment and therefore not want to buy it.
  • You know you don’t need the product for the next six months and you certainly don’t want to buy it.
  • The product is (temporarily) not available.
  • This product is drop-shipped or cross-docked

Phase out temporarily

When you temporarily phase out a product, it will automatically reappear in the purchase advice after the set period. Whether the product is immediately included in the purchase advice depends on the stock level.

Selling products that are not kept in stock

Products that you do want to sell, but do not want to keep in stock, can also be put on 'phasing out'. In fact, 'phasing out' means topping up to 0; we will only buy the product if your stock gets negative.


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