Lost sales

With the 'Lost sales' function you will receive an extra order if you are about to run out of stock

In Optiply you can set whether or not 'Out of Stock' is allowed. You can set this for general (at settings) or per supplier (at suppliers). See the screenshot below.

Lost Sales

When the option "Lost sales" is on you will see that the system will look at whether there are enough threatening "Lost sales" to intervene in the agenda. Then the system will look at which of the following two options is the most economical:

  • Order an extra order 
  • Advance the next order. 

Now Optiply weighs the extra stock costs of ordering earlier against the extra fixed order costs of ordering earlier. So to make him choose to order earlier, you can increase the fixed order costs at suppliers. This with the reason that it is more economical to order early than to order extra. It is therefore also important to make optimal use of Optiply by properly recording the fixed order costs per supplier.



The amount that you see with the (extra) No-Sale order, represents the margin that will be missed if the order is not placed.

The Lost sales rule 

1. Do I make more margin on the products that I sell No than the fixed order costs (1x fixed order costs regardless of the calculation rule) 

2. The order value is greater than the minimum order value + the fixed order costs (with calculation rule)

Lost sales rule