Lot size

You can order with us by mail if you can only order certain items by outer carton or in lots.

The order multiple, 'Lot size', is used within Optiply when preparing purchase order lines. The order multiple is also referred to as "package size" or "carton size". When we want to order a product and this product has a 'Lot size' greater than 1, we always order a multiple of the 'Lot size'.

In short: When we order, we order the smallest multiple of 'Lot size' that the order advice covers. 


  • If the 'Lot size' of a product is 6 (six pack) and the order advice is 13, we round up 13 to 18.
  • If the 'Lot size' of a product is 10 and the order advice is 50, the order advice remains 50.

Depending on the source system you work with, you fill in the 'Lot size' with us or keep it in your own system. To see if the source system you are using also syncs, check the source system's sync page. 

For more information:

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"Order by"

Go to Product Details → product → Settings and edit here the 'Lot size'.