My order advice is too low

If you think that the order advice is too low, this may be due to incorrect supplier settings, incorrect delivery times, service levels that are too low or incorrect stock positions.

Do you feel that the ordering advice is (often) on the low side? This article elaborates on possible causes.

  • Incorrect supplier settings:
    - Order period too short; the more often you order, the smaller the order recommendations are. Making the order period longer can lead to a higher stock, which means that the order advice is higher. Please note, the order recommendations are higher because the period between orders is higher.
    - Incorrect delivery times; if the delivery times are lower than they actually are, the advice may be too short.

Tip: check whether there is a gap between the 'delivery time' and the 'measured delivery time'. If the 'measured delivery time' is higher, this can be a good explanation for order recommendations that are too low.

  • Wrong stock positions; deliveries with too many products booked in lead to stock differences between the warehouse and Optiply. As a result, the stock in Optiply is higher than it actually is, and the advice will therefore be too low.
  • Service levels too low; if you use low service levels, this will lead to a low stock in order to be able to meet the desired service level. This also includes low ordering advice.