The MOQ or minimum order quantity indicates the minimum number of pieces that must be ordered.

Minimal Order Quantity
The minimum order quantity, MOQ, is used within Optiply when drawing up purchase order rules. When we want to order a product and this product has a MOQ greater than 1, we always order at least the minimum quantity of the MOQ.

In short: If we order, we order at least MOQ.



  • If the MOQ of a product is 5 and the order advice is 3, we round up 3 to 5. 
  • If the MOQ of a product is 4 and the order recommendation is 6, the order recommendation remains 6.
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Of course it is possible to combine MOQ and "Lot size".

It is different for each link where the MOQ is set. For example, if you use Picqer, it is possible to enter the MOQ there. If you are using Lightspeed, then you can enter the MOQ in our system. Check under Integrations > Synchronizations whether the MOQ is available in your system.


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