Montapacking integration

With the Montapacking Fulfillment coupling you save yourself a lot of manual work and the data in Optiply and Montapacking remains up to date.

With the link between Optiply and Montapacking you can transfer placed purchase orders from Optiply to Montapacking. This link is always a second link, and runs next to the link on your source system.

Set up the integration with the steps below.

If the link is included in your Optiply package, you can request an API code from Montapacking and pass it on to us.

1. Montapacking account

The first step is to create a new login data in Montapacking. You then send this to

  • Montapacking Username
  • Montapacking Password
Make sure this user has API access rights!

2. Transfer Supplier Codes

We register purchase orders based on supplier code. The supplier code from Optiply must match the supplier code in Montapacking. We will send you the supplier numbers from Optiply. Enter this as supplier number (SupplierCode) in MontaPacking. This allows us to match the purchase orders based on the supplier code.

3. Check SKU Codes

We match the orders based on this supplier number and the skuCode of the product. Make sure there are no duplicate skuCodes in your system and that the skuCodes match between the source system and Montapacking.


What is being synced.

  • The link checks for new data every hour.
  • Purchase orders placed in Optiply are transferred to Montapacking.
  • Receipts in Montapacking are transferred to Optiply.
  • Adjustments to orders in Montapacking are sent to Optiply.
  • As soon as all lines in Montapacking are 'approved', the order is closed in Optiply and automatically disappears from the booking list in Optiply. 



The order numbers of Optiply are shot in Montapacking. Make sure that these are not doubled manually. 


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