Montapacking Synchronization

How the purchase orders are synchronized between Optiply and Montapacking.

Through the link between Optiply and Montapacking, newly placed orders in Optiply are reported in Montapacking, and deliveries from Montapacking are reported in Optiply. 

Not only the purchase orders from Optiply are forwarded to Montapacking. All adjustments to orders made in Montapacking are reported in Optiply. As soon as all lines in Montapacking are stated as 'approved', the order will be closed in Optiply. The order will then automatically dissapear from the 'to book' list in Optiply. 

The data will be synchronized every hour


Purchase Orders from Optiply to Montapacking

We check for not completed and updated Purchase orders, and validate if they exist in Montapacking.

Purchase Orders from Montapacking to Optiply

We check for open purchase orders and get them from Montapacking.

We also check if all purchase order lines are approved in Montapacking and if so we complete the order in Optiply.



The order numbers from Optiply are used in Montapacking to create new orders. Do not change these order numbers manually. 



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