Measured delivery time

The supplier page shows a measured delivery time, this is measured on the basis of your WMS system

In general, you agree a delivery time with a supplier for a certain product. You then enter this in Optiply, so that the tool can calculate the order agenda. Enter the agreed delivery time under the Suppliers > Delivery time (days) tab. 

Next to this column you see the Measured Delivery Time (days). This is measured on the basis of your Warehouse Management System (WMS). Optiply then looks at when the order was ordered and when it was booked. The average period between this is the measured delivery time.

Measured deliverytimeThe measured delivery time may differ from the manually entered delivery time. This is caused by an early or delayed delivery. 


Note: It is possible that no measured delivery time is displayed. This is only the case when Optiply has not yet registered enough deliveries. Only from 10 deliveries will a measured delivery time be displayed.