(Manual) ordering period

The manual order period is the number of days between the order recommendations, when you set this to 0 Optiply will determine the optimal order period.

Order period

The order period is the number of days between two orders. This determines the number of days you want to order. If the order period is 7 days, an order will be placed every 7 days, e.g. once a week. 

Optiply calculates the optimal order period based on the supplier's assortment, the fixed order costs, and the minimum order quantity.


Manual ordering period

This is the order period you can fill in yourself. Enter this number in situations where you wish to order more or less often than advised by Optiply. When the manual order period is 0, we use the order period advised by Optiply to set up the agenda. If you enter a different number, we will always use the manual order period. 


Enter the manual order period at Suppliers → Manual order period (days). We recommend an order period of at least 7 days (one order every week) or a multitude of that period. If you would like to order more than once a week, please let us know. We will then set up a weekly manual agenda (e.g. on Mondays and Thursdays).