Magento 2 synchronization

Optiply synchs data from Magento 2 as soon as possible. This document describes how we sync the data we need.


Magento 2    | Optiply
name         | name
sku          | SKU
id           | article code
price        | purchase price
qty          | stock level


We regularly check if a product was updated in Magento and update Optiply data.

Products that have status = 2 in Magento are disabled in Optiply.


We do an extra synchronisation of all products at night, depending on the type of integration:

  • without Inventory Management -> tuesday, thursday and saturday
  • with Inventory Management -> monday, wednesday, friday and sunday

For non-Warehouse integrations you can choose what to sync to your stock: quantity or salable_quantity. Please let us know what are your needs.


Composed Products

These products are put together in Magento. Optiply ensures that the information is imported correctly.


Product Deletion

Every Saturday we go through all products that are enabled at Optiply and check if they still exist on Magento. If the product does not exist anymore we disable it in Optiply.


By checking sell orders, buy orders and item deliveries on a regular basis we use this to update stocks and keep them synchronized between Magento and Optiply. As a safety net we also do  a full synch by night.

Sell Orders

Magento 2        | Optiply
created_at       | placed
updated_at       | completed

We only synchronize completed sell orders from Magento to Optiply.  

Sell Orders Lines

Magento 2                        | Optiply
optiplyWebshopProductArticleCode | product_id
qty_ordered                      | quantity
base_row_total                   | subtotalValue

Purchase orders

Magento has no purchase orders. When you place an order in Optiply, it is not transferred to Magento.

It is important that purchase orders are closed in Optiply upon receipt. You can easily do this on the purchase page under 'booking'. Even when you have received part of an order, it is important to enter it in Optiply, in order to ensure that stock levels remain correct.

You can choose that when you (partially) enter an order in Optiply, the stock levels in Magento are also immediately adjusted. Let us know if you want to use this, because this is turned off by default.


Optiply can automatically schedule orders with customer backorders. We do this on the basis of negative stock levels. To process negative stock levels in Magento 2 you need to make a number of settings:

  • Set the Out-of-Stock Threshold to 0
  • Allow Backorders

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