Magento 2 integration

What needs to be done to setup the Optiply // Magento 2 integration.

Optiply has a standard integration with Magento 2. We use REST API, via token-based authentication. We will setup the integration for you. 

1. API Information

Please send us the following information

The API connected to these credentials should have “administrator permissions” .

Go to How to setup the Magento 2 API Permissions for the setup instructions.

These steps are very important so we can connect to all endpoints needed for the integration.


Optiply can distinguish between different stores within your Magento environment. If you do not want to synchronize the data of all stores, please provide the information of the stores for which we need to retrieve the information: 


Magento has 2 types of stock levels: "Salable Quantity" and "Quantity".

By default, Optiply takes over the "Salable Quantity", but you can also choose to base our advice on the "Quantity".

Let us know if you would like to change this.

2. Magento Inventory Management

Besides access to your API, we need to know if you use Magento Inventory Management.

3. Item Deliveries

We also need to know if you would like to register the receival of purchase orders in Magento through Optiply. 

4. Suppliers

We can't get any supplier information from Magento, so please provide us with a list of suppliers, we will add them to your system. 

5. Product-supplier Information

Lastly, we need to know which products are bought at which supplier. You can add this information through the frontend, or send us a list.

More information:
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