Lightspeed synchronization

How does the synchronization between Optiply and Lightspeed account work?

All products with the status (visibility) "Always visible" or "Visible when in stock" / "for sale due to lack of stock" from Lightspeed are shown in Optiply. The products with the status "Hidden" / "Stop selling" are not shown and are not included in Optiply.
Also variants whose stock is not tracked are not included in Optiply.
New products are imported immediately, but may be delayed in Optiply due to the 'rate limit' of Lightspeed's API.

When an order has already been placed, and thereafter you give the product the status 'Hidden', the product will still be purchased. The product is also still visible in the placed order, but no longer in Optiply. In the future, Optiply will no longer provide advice for this product.


Product Information

Purchase price

Products in Lightspeed have a "Price", which we read out as purchase price.


Order By and MOQ

These values are not available in Lightspeed. Enter them in Optiply, or send us a list and we will enter them for you.


If you see an 'Unknown Supplier' on the Product Details page, you must first assign a supplier to this product in your Lightspeed environment.


Remove products

Do you want to remove a product?

First give it the status "Hidden" / "Stop selling" in Lightspeed. The product will disappear from Optiply.

You can then remove the product from Lightspeed.

Purchase Orders

Lightspeed does not work with purchase orders. You have to keep track of the orders you have placed via Optiply. When you receive an order from the suppliers you have to close it with us. You can also receive orders in parts.


Booking purchase orders

It is possible to book purchase orders in Lightspeed via Optiply. We then increase the stock in Lightspeed with the number of products received. This is off by default. If you want to make use of this, please let us know. We will then turn on the option for you.

Be aware that you always should process order receipts via Optiply. This is necessary to keep the Inventory Position up-to-date. An incorrect Inventory Position can cause incorrect order advice. 

Composite Products

Lightspeed does not have any composite products. Tell us the composition of the combinations. We then ensure that the sales history of the composite product is transferred to the underlying products. We recommend using the Combi Product app to correct the stock of the composite product.