Lightspeed integration

How do I link Optiply to my Lightspeed shop?

To be able to use Lightspeed // Optiply coupling, the following steps have to be followed: 
  1. Install the Lightspeed // Optiply app from the LS app store. If you have multiple Lightspeed shops and use the multishop functionality, see below or instructions. 
  2. Make sure that all products in Lightspeed are linked to a supplier.
  3. Log in to Optiply and fill in the supplier details. We need these to be able to start the initial calculation.
  4. Provide a list of order sizes and minimum order quantities per product, if you use this.
    This data is not available in Lightspeed, but can be used in our system. We will take this into account in every order. 
  5. Inform us if you want to use Optiply to book delivered orders.
  6. Let us know if you want to send emails from Optiply to suppliers, so we can set the settings. 


Finally, it is important that the data in Lightspeed is up to date. Make sure that:

  • Products have a supplier.
  • Products have a purchase and sales price.
  • Stock levels are correct.

The link is now set up and you can start buying via Optiply.

Lightspeed Multishop

Do you have multiple Lightspeed webshops that are managed in Lightspeed via one account? (Multishop)

Then go through the following steps per webshop to link all these webshops to Optiply:

  • For each Lightspeed shop, install the Optiply app from the Lightspeed App Store. Do this in Incognito Mode and use a different e-mail address for each installation. This does not have to be the Lightspeed user address, it can be a fictitious address. For example, we recommend: inkoop@<lightspeedurl>
  • Tell us how you consolidate those products in Lightspeed. This is done on the basis of SKU code or EAN code. We recommend that you always use SKU code, but let us know.
  • Tell us if you want to adjust stocks when receiving purchase orders in Optiply. We then ensure that all stocks are adjusted and the received numbers.

Let us know for which URLs you have Optiply installed. We will then merge these into your user account.

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