Purchase page

The purchase page is the page on which Optiply's purchasing advice is represented. These recommendations are presented based on the fixed and the dynamic order agenda.

The purchase page contains three columns that provide structure and overview during order placement. The three columns are: 'draft orders',  'orders from today and earlier', and 'future orders'. 

Draft orders

Draft orders

This column displays all order that have been created but not yet placed. Here you can save the orders that you might want to place or change in the near future. It is important to keep in mind that the orders in this list are statistically 'ready'. This means that they will no longer be updated after changes in stock or forecasts. Therefore, we recommend to not leave draft orders open for too long. 

There is also the opportunity to place orders manually. This can be done by selecting the desired supplier in the dropdown at the top right and then clicking 'new'. This will create an empty purchase order for the desired supplier. 

Orders from today and earlier

Todays & overdue orders

This column displays all orders that have been proposed to order today or earlier. These purchase advices are based on the fixed- and/or the dynamic order agenda. 

Dynamic agenda:

- Backorders
- Out of stock

Future orders

Toekomstige order

This column displays all orders that will be placed in the future, according to the fixed order agenda. 

Read here about registering purchase orders 

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