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How to work with Promotions

Promotions allow you to to input expected demand uplifts and let Optiply anticipate.

Our Promotions functionality allows you to tell us when you expect to sell more ( or less ), because of a planned marketing campaign or a promotion. 

How to create a promotion

Take the following steps to create a promotion: 

  1. Promotions page > Add New 
    • Promotion Name 
      Name of the promotion. Think of "Spring TV Commercial" or "Google Add campaign week 12"
    • Start Date and End Date
    • Uplift Type 
      We support to types of default uplift. Either Absolute, or Relative.
      An Absolute uplift adds the expected uplift to the forecast between the start and end date.
      A Relative uplift adds the percentage you fill to the forecast between the start and end date.
    • Expected Uplift
    • Enabled, you van disable a promotion when creating it, and enabling it later, so it will only affect the connected product when you want to. 
    • Apply promotion to entire webshop, this adds all products from your account to this promotion. New products created after the promotion is created need to be added separately. Individual products can always be removed. Fill in the relevant information
  2. Click Save 

How to add products to a promotion

After creating a promotion, take the following steps to connect products to a promotion:

  1. Go the Products page and select all products you would like to add to the promotion.
  2. Click Add Promotion and select the promotion to which you would like to add the products.
  3. Click Save 

The products are now connected to your promotions and the the promotions Uplift Type and Expected Uplift will be applied to all products. 

If you would like to set a specific uplift for a product take the following steps

  1. Go to the Products Page and click the product
  2. In the overlay, scroll down to Promotions and click Edit
  3. Fill in the Product Uplift, make sure to use a % sign, if you would like to input a relative uplift.
  4. Click Save. We will now use the Product Uplift for this product, instead of the Promotions general uplift.