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How to work with container

Optiply shows the fill rate of your containers and how many containers you will need for an order. In this article you read how to set it up.

Every order you purchase is delivered to your warehouse in some form of a container. Think of a 40 foot shipping container, an EURO pallet or a truck load. If you would like to know how many containers you need when placing the order, follow the steps below.

Determine the container size

Each supplier ships his own containers. Fill in the physical constraints, so we can calculate how many containers you need. 

  1. Go the Supplier page and click the supplier
  2. Fill in the Maximum capacity (kg) and Container volume (m3) . These are the maximum values one container can handle when purchasing at this supplier. 

Fill in product values

To calculate the fill rate of a container, we need to know how much your products weigh and how big they are. 

  1. Go to the Products page and click a product
  2. In the overlay, go to Settings > Supplier Product Settings > Edit
  3. Fill the Weight and Volume and click Save. Note that these van differ per supplier, make sure to fill them all. We can also upload these value in bulk for you. Please find a format here