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How do I increase the size of a purchase advice?

There could be reasons why you would like to increase (or decrease) a purchase advice given by Optiply. This article explains how to easily do that.

Manual changes

In a purchase advice you can update all products individually or use the Snooze and Add buttons to simply change the products in your order. 

Smart increase

From now on, you can also increase the amounts of the products in you order in a smart way. When applying a new "Adjust order size" parameter in the top right of your order, Optiply will increase the amounts for all products that are added to your order by us in a smart way. 

Increasing a full order can be especially useful when you would like to fill up a container in a smart way, or make sure you meet your minimum order value at this supplier. 

Note: when applying a new factor, all your manual changes will be lost. Make sure to apply the parameter first, before doing individual manual changes!