How do I send my order by e-mail using Optiply?

In Optiply you have the option to email your supplier when you order, here is a description of how you can do this.

This article is only meant for webshops that use our purchasing module.

Set up

In Optiply you can send your orders by e-mail to your supplier. You can set up multiple email addresses per supplier. To add an email to a supplier, go to suppliers -> find the correct supplier -> expand. Enter the supplier's email address here.


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You can also add e-mail addresses to the settings page, which are then placed in the CC by default with each order.



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After you have prepared an order, by pressing 'place order', a pop-up will appear in which you can indicate that you want to send the order by e-mail. If you have linked an e-mail address to this supplier, it will automatically appear on the screen. You can also change the text of the e-mail if you wish. Then click on 'confirm order' to send the e-mail that contains the order. (1)



What if my e-mail doesn't send

In case it happens that you receive an error message after or while sending an order by e-mail, you can solve this by the following method. First check whether the order has been saved in Optiply, you can see this on the booking page. Then download the order list and send it manually by e-mail to the supplier. The maximum number of characters in an e-mail is 500.

Please note: that we will send the e-mails from your e-mail address, which may end up in the spam box of the supplier. Always ask the first time if the e-mail has been received correctly.