Help! My stock value is too high!

If the stock value is too high, this can be due to a few things.

Optiply shows the value of stock that is optimized in the dashboard: The stock value.
For more information, see: Stock Value

The following adjustments can be made in Optiply to reduce the stock value:
- Follow the order agenda.
It is extremely important that the planning is followed up. If this is not the case, the stock value can be too high (or too low)
- Order more often for the largest suppliers.
To order more often you need to reduce the order period. Regular ordering results in a lower stock, so also a lower stock value.
- Check set delivery times:
If the delivery time is too high, this naturally results in a high stock value. So check the delivery times again! A tool for this is the 'Measured Delivery Time'.
For more information, see: Measured delivery time
- Lower the service levels:
The service levels may be set higher than our default settings. The default settings are:

  Gross Margin Service level
Category A 70% 99%
Category B 25% 95%
Category C 5% 90%

- Decrease Order per
A large lotsize means that you may have an unnecessary amount of stock.
For more information, see: Order by
- Decrease MOQ
A large minimum order quantity may cause you to keep unnecessary stock.
For more information, see: MOQ
- Bookings too low
Booking less products in than delivered ensures that Optiply continues to give order advice, while there is still enough in stock.
- Advice adjusted upwards:
If a lot of advice is adjusted upwards, this will lead to a higher stock. If you follow order advice, the stock will automatically decrease.