2. General settings

There are various aspects that can be set in Optiply, in order to adjust Optiply to your purchasing strategy.

The next step is to set up Optiply. This includes setting up the A/B/C categories, service levels, general settings, and supplier settings:

  • A/B/C Categories
    Here you enter what percentage of your gross margin you want to classify in the A, B, or C category. For example, the higher you set the A category, the higher your stock value will be. For more information, see: ABC Category
  • Service Level
    Here you can enter the desired service level per category. The higher you set your service level, the lower your no-sales will be. A higher service level also ensures that your stock value will increase.
  • Settings Page
    Here you enter your percentage of inventory costs, and you can also choose whether you want backorders. We also provide the option to turn no-sales on or off. When you turn on no-sales, Optiply will check on the basis of the forecast whether more products need to be ordered as soon as there's a threat that you will sell no after this order.
    For more information, see: Settings page
  • Supplier Settings
    Finally, fill in your supplier settings.
    For more information, see: Supplier page

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3. Supplier setup