Exact Online (trade) integration

To setup

In order to set up the link between Exact Online Trading // Optiply, read the following steps:

Step 1 

We will provide you a link (called redirect URL).

This link you will need later at step 5. 

Step 2

Go to the Exact Online App Centre. (Here you will be asked for the login details)

Step 3

Go to Manage my apps

Step 4

Register a new production app

Step 5

Enter the App name and the Redirect URL.

Use the Redirect URL you received from us in step 1. You may choose the App name yourself, but we recommend that you fill in "Optiply" here, so that the app will be easily recognisable later on. 


Step 6

Provide us with:

  • Client ID
  • Client secret

You will receive a confirmation when the shop is fully installed. 


Step 7

Let us know which warehouse number you use in Exact Online.

By default we synchronise with warehouse 1. If you use another warehouse, please let us know. The warehouse number can be found here:

  • Exact Online under Master data > Items > Warehouses

If you need to have the stock from all warehouses, please let us know and we can sync Global Stock (sum of all warehouses).

Step 8

Let us know the Division ID from Exact Online.

To get this information, follow the steps:

  • Click on the administration menu at the top left
  • Go to Recently used companies > all options
  • Select the correct administration
The Division ID is now in the url :


Step 9

Sales orders vs Sales Invoices

Exact has several ways to register sales orders.

Optiply can use two options: Sales Orders (Verkooporders) or Sales Invoices (verkoopfacturen).

By default, we import the sales orders. If you want to use sales invoices, please let us know.

Step 10

Product Composition

If you use Product Composition in Exact, please let us know.


The integration is now set up. Read how you start with Optiply.

You will receive your login details for the Optiply dashboard from us.

Log in to Optiply and fill in the supplier details. We need this to be able to start the first calculation.


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