Exact Online Synchronization

How Optiply synchronises with my Exact Online account?

Product information

All "purchase" products with an end date after today from Exact Online are shown in Optiply. Products without an end date are also shown in Optiply.

Status products 

All "purchase" products with an end date after today from Exact Online are shown in Optiply. Products without an end date are also shown in Optiply. 

Remove products

Do you want to remove a product? Then first give it an end date in the past in Exact Online. The product will disappear from Optiply. You can then remove the product from Exact Online.

Purchase price

Exact Online has a "purchase price" which we will read out. 

Please note! Exact also has a cost price (average purchase price over several purchase prices) which we will not read out.

Order Per

The "purchase unit" in Exact online is the same as the "order per" in Optiply.

The purchasing units in Exact can be set per supplier of the product. We will take over this purchasing unit. Please read the purchasing unit Exact Online page how to set up this.

Note: The purchasing units can be the same as the sales unit or a multiplication of the sales unit. This way it is possible to receive boxes for example while the items are in pieces in the warehouse.


The "minimum quantity" in Exact Online is equal to the MOQ (minimal order quantity) in Optiply. You can choose if you want us to synchronise MOQ or not, just let us know what you prefer.

Informatie over MOQ in exact online

Note: to be able to enter both the purchase units and the minimum quantities, you must have a more extensive Exact package. If you don't have this, you can manually enter these numbers yourself on the product detail page in Optiply, or have us upload them in bulk through a product supplier import.

Inventory synchronization

The synchronization of the stock levels of all products is done in real time. Delivered (so booked in) products and sold products are synchronized every 15 minutes.

Supplier Information

We synchronize every 30 minutes suppliers from Exact with our system and link the products to the right suppliers.

Bill of material

A bill of material is a consolidated list of all parts, sub-assemblies, raw materials and components used to manufacture a product or item. 

Optiply can read these from Exact Online. Do you make use of this?
Please let us know, so we can import it into our system and divide the sales of the above products into the underlying products.



Writing purchase orders

By default we will write the placed purchase orders from Optiply to Exact Online, checking and synchronizing regularly. If you don't want this, please let us know. We'll turn it off for you.

It's also important that all products which need to be written to Exact, are also listed on "purchase" in Exact. Otherwise we won't be able to send the order to Exact

Order not arrived

It's possible that an order doesn't arrive in Exact. This could be related to the Exact product linking which could causes an error. In order to avoid this make sure the products are properly linked to a supplier (product).

An error can be noticed when the order is not in Exact one hour after purchase and otherwise it will be checked every morning by us. 

Manual order

When a manual order is placed, this order is no longer visible in Optiply. However, the order has been placed and Optiply is reading it from Exact Online. This ensures that the order will not be placed twice.

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