End of the year stir

The end of the year is traditionally one of the busiest periods for many webshops. Days like Christmas, Black Friday and Singles Day create a growing demand for products in a short period of time.

We are happy to explain how you can organize your purchases to get through this busy period in the best possible way. Some tips:

  • Increase your desired service levels in the general settings. Because of this we will place proportionally extra safety stock per product, so you can more easily absorb an (unexpected) increase in demand.
  • Increase the set delivery times of important suppliers. This allows you to artificially keep extra stock per supplier and reduces the chance of lost sales and back orders. Many suppliers find it more difficult to deliver on time in busy periods. In addition, the inbound process in your warehouse can often be delayed due to extreme congestion. This will all require extra stock. 
  • Turn on Backorders and No Sales at suppliers for whom you want to be able to adjust quickly. When you turn on both options, in case of a backorder, any other products will also be replenished. 
  • Follow your purchase planning! Optiply makes a tight planning based on your supplier settings. If you do not follow these settings, you may miss out on days of stock. In this busy period this can cost a lot of money and result in extra work. Log in daily to see what needs to be purchased.
  • Keep a close eye on your suppliers. If they don't deliver or deliver too late, please contact them or take this into account at the supplier settings. It can also be wise to look for extra suppliers. Read here how to apply this in Optiply.

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