Composed product data

A composite product consists of several parts. To get this right in Optiply, you can submit this to us in bulk through a CSV file.

A composite product consists of several products or parts. Hereby you can think about a camera body and a lens. Both can be sold separately, but also as a kit. We call the kit of a body and lens composite products.

Optiply can purchase products that are sold in a set separately. To properly predict the demand for the underlying products we need to know what products does a set consists of.

Optiply takes into account composite products from the following source systems:
- Picqer
- Magento
- Exact Online
If the information is not available in your source system, you can pass this on to us. Please submit this list as a CSV-format.


Both the sets and the underlying products must be available in your source system and can be actively purchased.

The list that can be sent to us consists of two columns:

  • composed_skuCode, these are the sku-codes of the sets of composed products you sell. You can also provide an EAN code but then change column to: composed_eanCode.
  • part_skuCode, these are the sku-codes of the underlying products of which the set is composed. These are the products you buy. You can also provide an EAN code but then change column to: part_eanCode.
  • quantity, this is the number of times that a part occurs in the composite product
composed_skuCode, part_skuCode, quantity
123, 456, 1
123, 567, 1
123, 890, 1
101, ABC, 2
101, DEF, 2

Download the composted products template

In this example, set 123 consists of products: 456567 and 890. Set 101 consists of the products: 2 x ABC and 2 x DEF. As you can see, each part of a composite product (set) has its own line in the overview. Make sure that the sku-codes are unique in your system and that they exactly match the sku-codes in the list.

For more overview, it is easy to give the set products a supplier in the source system that has a clear name, such as "Compound Products" or "Not Procure". These products do not have to be purchased by Optiply.