BOL integration

What is needed to set up an Optiply integration with BOL?

1. API Information

We will need the following information:

- API Client ID

- API Client Secret

- The shop name

- Product Identifier used (EAN or SKU)

Please note that this Product Identifier needs to be the same used on the other 3rd party system (like shopify, for instance)

How to create a new API user and get the API client Id and API client Secret

Step 1. Log into BOL. Click on the shop name in the upper right corner and then press on the “Instellingen” button:

Step 2. On the next menu go to the API Instellingen:


Step 3 Move to the “Client Credentials” section and create a new API user by clicking on the “manufacture” button and enter the name for the API user:

Please be aware that if the page is translated, it might change the text of the Client Id, and that will make the credentials unusable. To prevent this, click on "manufacture" making sure no translation on the webrowser is active.

Step 4.The API user created has this info:

  1. Client ID

  2. Client Secret

2. Products

We only verify the SKU OR EAN to match the products already pulled from other 3rd party application.

3. Sell Orders

We only pull sell orders that are fulfilled by (FBB, Fulfilment by Bol / LVB, Logistiek via Bol).