BOL synchronization

We verify both product and sales data from BOL.

Product data

We only verify the SKU OR EAN (depending on what is set on the other system) to match the products already pulled from other 3rd party application.

Sales data

On BOL there are available two types of Sell Orders:

These are the orders that are not yet shipped. These are still opened. 

These are the orders that are shipped and closed. Some info from this orders might be pulled in a different way for the same Optiply field. 

Every 15 minutes we check BOL for new sales data.

We only sync to Optiply sell orders fulfilled by [FBB, Fulfilment by Bol / LVB, Logistiek via Bol]

BOL Optiply
orderPlacedDateTime placed
shipmentDateTime (when pulling shipments only) completed
sum(/SellOrderLine/subtotalValue) totalValue