A backorder is an order from a customer that cannot be delivered due to the available stock. The backorder implies that the backorder is taking place or will take place.

It may happen that a customer orders an item that is not in stock (negative stock). If this is the case, Optiply gives you the option to automatically generate a backorder. You can set this for general (at settings) or per supplier (at suppliers). When you have back orders enabled, Optiply will generate a back order, which will then appear in the 'Purchase' tab of the dashboard under 'Today's & Overdue Orders'. On the page, you will then see the backorder appear with a red exclamation mark.

You will see that there may already have been a future order scheduled with the supplier for which the back order is scheduled. Optiply then merges the back order with the order on the agenda (this will also show a red exclamation mark in the future). This way you can clearly see whether there is a backorder in a future order.

Generating a backorder

The generation/ checking of the back orders is done several times a day (+/- 8 times). The first check is scheduled at 06:00, but it may take a while to complete. You can assume that this was done at 9:00 am. Sometimes it may be that no back order appears yet because it has not yet been generated.


The amount that you see in the (extra) Backorder stands for the margin that is lost when the order is not placed.