AFAS Online synchronization

Not all data is transferred from AFAS to Optiply in the same way, here you can read how it is done.

The link between AFAS and Optiply is provided by Improvit. For specific questions, it is best to contact

Data mapping

The link works on the basis of a schedule. The changes are processed as follows:

AFAS --> Optiply 

New / changed supplier                                   Every 5 minutes
New / changed items Every 5 minutes
New / changed Item code supplier Every 5 minutes
New / changed sales orders Every 30 minutes
New / changed purchase orders Every 30 minutes
Stock changes Every 5 minutes
Process completed sales orders Every 60 minutes
Process completed purchase orders Every 60 minutes

Optiply --> AFAS

New purchase order Every 5 minutes

Please note:

Delivery time of the supplier is kept in AFAS and not in Optiply

Supplier availability 

In AFAS, on the Item code purchase contact, a field "Purchase contact preference" is specified which has a yes/no value (checkbox). If enabled, Optiply will give "preferred" => TRUE, otherwise FALSE.

Product synchronisation - article

Optiply AFAS Opmerking
Name Discription  


articleCode Itemcode  
price Price at current rate Pricelist
minimumPurchaseQuantity Minimum Order quantity  
lotSize   Default on 1
status Enabled/Disabled The status is determined on the basis of various fields. If it is determined based on these fields that the status must be disabled and the article is not known in Optiply, the article will be skipped. 
- Blocked 
- Optiply 
- Inventory Replenishment 
- Track Inventory



Product information

The following information is transferred from AFAS, in addition to the usual product information:


No products are phased out in Optiply by the link.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders are forwarded from AFAS to Optiply, and from Optiply to AFAS.


We do not recommend removing orders from AFAS, if you still have to do this, the also close the purchase order in Optiply.