A supplier is not in the agenda. How is this possible?

Not seeing your supplier, among your order advices, can have several causes.

Supplier is set to "ignore"

You can disable this at:
suppliers -> find the right supplier -> unfold -> disable 'ignore'.

Delivery time and/or manual order period has not been filled in

You can fill in the delivery time and manual order period at Suppliers. As soon as you have adjusted these details, the supplier will appear in the agenda the next day. See this article for more information.

No products linked to the supplier

Make sure that all products in your system are linked to a supplier.

No products with a sales history

If none of the products has a sales history, we do not plan advice for this supplier.

The supplier is not yet synchronized with Optiply

Unfortunately, we do not get new providers from all source systems in real-time. In those cases, we refresh overnight. It can therefore take up to 24 hours before the first changes to products get through to our system. This varies per webshop system or WMS.