5. Placing a purchasing order

To get ready to use Optiply, your suppliers' order schedules need to start. You do this by clicking on the green "Order" button.

After all the details regarding the suppliers (minimum order value, fixed order costs, delivery time and manual order period) have been completely filled in, the first order advices will become visible. Under Purchase -> Orders from today and earlier you will find the advice given.

The moment you order from a supplier via Optiply for the first time, the orderdate is 'to be determined yourself'. This allows you to decide for yourself when you want to start your order cycle.

Placing a purchasing order

To start, click on the green button "Order". 

Purchase order-1

You will then find the details of the order to be placed here. Check the details and click on 'Place order' at the bottom right. Or save this order as a concept, a concept order will not get updated.

For more information: Placing a purchase order